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Medication Management

Tiffany Griffiths, Psy.D. & Associates offers medication management services to patients of all ages. The practice is committed to quality care and offers medication management in conjunction with psychotherapy services, and typically not as a standalone service. As part of the initial assessment, a qualified mental health professional will determine the need for psychotherapy and/or medication management referral. Additionally, if the need arises, a referral for medication management can be made at anytime by a patient’s therapist.
According to research, psychiatric medication can help regulate emotions and thought patterns. Medication therapy is usually most effective when used in combination with psychotherapy. “For example, a medication can ease symptoms of depression like loss of energy and lack of concentration, allowing an individual to engage more in talk therapy” ( The Nurse Practitioner works closely with patients and their therapist to determine the best treatment options, including holistic options.
Additionally, we offer GeneSight Psychotropic testing to inform decisions about medications. This test, which involved a cotton swab on the inside of your mouth, is sent to GeneSight labs for analysis. The results provide guidance for determining which medication is best suited for you.
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