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Tiffany Griffiths, Psy. D. and Associates provides a collaborative environment where therapists can grow and thrive. Below are testimonials sharing their experience. If you'd like to become a member of our team email us at

Staff Testimonials

“Continuing my professional development at Tiffany Griffiths, Psy. D. and Associates was the single best decision I have made in many years. I am very grateful to be able to do the work that I love within an environment that supports me through weekly individual supervision and training opportunities. I am encouraged to help my clients through my own therapeutic approaches and evidence-based practices.  There is a perfect synthesis of supervisory guidance and clinical independence at the practice. The holacracy model helps us to be accountable as clinicians and grow while we support one another. As we develop, the practice does too.  My supervisors and colleagues have contributed immeasurably to my professional and personal growth. In addition, our self-care is emphasized just as much as the care we offer to our clients. I can’t imagine being a therapist anywhere else.”
“I began working at Dr Tiffany Griffiths and Associates in 2014. During that time, I have had the opportunity to work with various clinicians with a multitude of specialties, which has allowed me to grow professionally as a Nurse Practitioner. We work in synthesis as a multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic care to our clients. The atmosphere is calm, relaxing, and accepting. The staff are kind, patient, conscientious, knowledgeable, and nonjudgmental. Our team of highly-trained professionals work together to promote a safe space for healing. The practice promotes professional growth and opportunities to advance through education, team building and development of new programs/ideas. I have also been given the opportunity to work as a preceptor with several Universities and Colleges, which allows me the chance to give back and help educate future providers within our field.”

Jen Brilla, RN, CRNP
“I enjoy my job at Tiffany Griffiths Psy. D. and Associates due to the practice’s sense of unity and support. I have learned a great deal working here and have grown as a professional. If it wasn't for my supervisor, the guidance of Diagnostic meetings, my fellow clinicians, and the strong leadership that the practice offers, I wouldn't be the clinician I am today.”

Amanda Marra, MA, LPC
“I have worked at the VA Medical Center as a vocational specialist with the homeless veteran population. While that experience was very rewarding, I felt a need to return to mental health counseling. In the 1990's I spent several years in community mental health, and I thoroughly enjoyed participating in a setting that treated a broad array of psychiatric diagnoses. As a result, in 2012, this practice afforded an opportunity to indulge my mental health interests, part-time, so that I could maintain my work with veterans.
After 20 years of federal service, I retired from the VA in December of this year, but continued the affiliation with Tiffany Griffiths, Psy.D. & Associates, Inc.
I find this experience to be immensely gratifying. Dr. Griffiths has fostered an environment of professional autonomy, and encourages the associates to pursue their individual interests. During my 9 1/2 year affiliation, I have had the opportunity to relate to a highly diverse clientele, and such exposure has helped me to grow personally and professionally. As an independent contractor, I enjoy a good deal of professional autonomy and schedule flexibility. The other associates, my colleagues, consist of credentialed counselors, psychologists, social workers, and a nurse practitioner. The support staff provide invaluable assistance.
In such a collegial environment, there are numerous opportunities to tap into their collective knowledge. Such interactions assist in fostering personal growth, and make me realize that I'm not alone.
Intermittently, professional enhancement opportunities for continuing education in evidence-based therapies are made available, and I have received several hours of training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
Professional autonomy, highly gratifying and diverse clinical intervention, and availability of collegial support all offer distinct reasons for belonging to a private practice.”
“I have really enjoyed my time at the practice. In addition to having the opportunity to be a part of a highly respected organization, I think what I appreciate most about being employed here has been the support, mentorship, and supervision that I have received. I also very much appreciate being able to give input and having my input valued with regard to practice wide decisions and the direction of the organization.”
“I have been working for Tiffany Griffiths, Psy.D. & Associates, Inc. for four years. One thing that impresses me about this practice is the opportunity for growth. I came into the practice as a post-doctoral employee who was able to receive adequate supervision and training to receive licensure. I have been able to expand my knowledge and expertise in order to become a licensed professional and take on more responsibility, while continuing to enhance my awareness and knowledge. I have been challenged in my daily work in order to cultivate a leadership role and practice “leading by example.” Additionally, my work environment includes being surrounded by people with positive attitudes who are supportive, open for feedback/consultation, and push me to be the best version of myself on a daily basis. The diverse work experience and supportive coworkers contribute to a positive work environment.”
“As a new therapist it can be hard to find a workplace to fit all your needs, such as congruent supervision, room for growth, and a consistent caseload, without experiencing severe burnout. I received the opportunity to work at the Kingston location for Tiffany Griffiths, PsyD & Associates and it's the first job I've had where I feel they want to invest in my growth as a therapist. I look forward to continuing with our awesome staff here and becoming a better therapist for my clients.”
“In my experience, working within the practice has developed my personal and professional growth as a helping professional. I was able to meet the required hours towards supervision for LPC, was provided training to develop supervisory skills, and have had the opportunity to meet my professional goal in providing clinical supervision.  The practice has always been open to ideas about further training and clinical support as an employee. I feel confident that my ideas are welcome with both clients and staff.”
“I have felt welcomed and supported at this practice from day one. I have not only learned skills that have helped me to grow professionally, but have also truly gained some great friendships with my coworkers. The supervision is top-notch and I feel the working environment is positive and healthy. I also like how this practice supports its staff mentally with fun self-care events!”
“Working at Tiffany Griffiths & Associates has helped me become a better clinician overall. I have received quality supervision and support throughout my work within the practice. The value of the experience and training has been immense. I look forward to how I can grow both professionally and personally.”
“I have been employed by Tiffany Griffiths, Psy.D., and Associates for a little more than five years. This is the first employer I have had that feels like a home away from home. The environment is one of support, growth, and encouragement. With the adoption of holocracy concepts in regards to management style, employees are encouraged to address issues directly and have their voices heard as to how the practice can both serve the community and increase access to those in the community. The practice regularly allows opportunities for clinicians to seek education and certification in areas that they are interested in and can be used to meet the needs of our clientele. Due to my interest in providing supervision, the practice has given me opportunities to provide professional supervision to those seeking licensure and to assess and respond to acute mental health issues that may arise and require immediate oversight. Tiffany Griffiths, Psy.D. and Associates has been a wonderful opportunity and I plan on working here for many years to come!”
“I came to Tiffany Griffiths, Psy. D. & Associates as a psychology practicum student in 2020, and I can honestly say that training at this establishment was an extremely enriching experience. I was thoroughly trained by the licensed clinicians on staff in both testing and psychotherapy. From the support staff to the clinicians, everyone always went above and beyond to help both employees and clinicians. Because of my time spent at this practice, I was confident to enter my last year of doctoral training and internship. The quality of supervision and the training I received far exceeded my already great expectations. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to train and expand my clinical skill set at this practice. For these reasons and many more, I knew I wanted to come back to the practice after graduation to start my career. Overall, I highly recommend Tiffany Griffiths, Psy. D. & Associates as a place to be employed and/or trained in the art of clinical psychology! ”
– Ashley Frederick, M.A., Psy. D. Candidate

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